Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to postpone the application of container dwell fee

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The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach say they've seen a 46% drop in long-term cargo volume at the terminals since the scheduled fee was announced on Oct. 25. As a result, the ports will suspend the implementation of the "container dwell fee" of 100 usd per container, until December 27.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach said they will reevaluate the performance of the charge after monitoring data over the next week.

The fee will be USD 100 per day for containers that stay at the port for 9 days or more for containers moved by truck, six days for connected containers transported by rail. This fee will be applied to shipping lines. The shipping lines have also made it clear that this fee will be collected from the customers.

Although container stay times have eased, the number of container ships lined up waiting to be docked at LA/LB continues to stretch records.

As of Friday, December 19, about 95 container ships were lined up to enter the two ports, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California. This includes 23 container ships moored or drifting within 40 miles of LA and LB, plus 72 container ships offshore for safety and air quality.

Typical customers

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