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Declaration of customs is always one of the most important and complex steps in the field of import and export. Customs procedures often include regulations, circulars, requests for documents related to many different ministries and branches, which can easily lead to confusion and difficulties for customers and enterprises wishing to import and export goods. In the course of carrying out the procedures for declaration of goods with the customs offices, they shall declare and handle declare customs.

On the other hand, the process of customs clearance of goods must go through many stages from examination of dossiers, transmission of declarations through customs declaration software, submission of dossiers at customs border gates, inspection procedures of actual goods The procedure for proving the origin of goods, marks and values of goods to be cleared for export or import into the country for transfer to the warehouse. Procedures and procedures for post-clearance inspection with enterprises and goods. With the understanding of customs procedures, export, import goods, know the process of customs clearance.
NTL VIET NAM has been providing customs clearance services, providing import and export goods, help customers, businesses clear goods quickly and store records for the inspection process. Post-clearance, to ensure the business of the business and partners are effective and favorable.

Import – Export customs service:
  • Import customs clearance services.
  • Clearance services for processed goods.
  • Customs clearance services for non-commercial goods.
  • Customs clearance services in export processing zones.
  • Customs clearance service temporary import and re-export.
Other customs services:
  • HS code consulting services for import and export goods, and arranging documents for post-clearance inspection.
  • Service for branch-level permits, announcement of cosmetics and foodstuffs.
  • Warehouse rental service, CFS.
  • C / O services, quarantine, quality control, food hygiene and safety, inspection, classification analysis, ...
  • Tax refund service.
  • Services to declare food hygiene and safety, cosmetics, functional foods.
  • Logistics services: Packing, loading and unloading goods at warehouses or ports.
  • Customs services for all types of project goods, exhibits, transit goods.
  • Forwarding, package transportation, LCL, FCL to the project.
  • Multimodal transportation service.


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