Transport by road - railway

Road and rail transport is an important part of the supply chain, distribution and circulation of goods, with the ability to transport all types of goods, higher operating frequency and cost flexibility.

In Vietnam today, the development of road and rail transport services is being met by improved transport infrastructure and improved transport facilities, and the continuous increase of high quality carriers. Thanks to that, the goods are circulated quickly, ensuring safety and reasonable rates.
Recognizing the importance of road-rail transport and taking advantage of these advantages, NTL VIET NAM provides a full range of traditional trucking services and management programs that are best suited to meet the darkest. Our customers can save time, transportation costs and speed up administrative and customs procedures.
Road transport services include:
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Freight forwarding.
  • Oversized, super heavy cargo, bulk cargo and special cargo.
  • Transportation of household goods and personal belongings.
  • Transporting cross boder
  • Temporarily transported goods for re-export
  • Warehousing and distributing goods
Freight traffic by rail:
  • This is a form of transportation to ensure the safety of goods with the time is strictly regulated by the hours of running and not affected by weather conditions. Thanks to that, the goods are shipped in the fastest time, on time and at the request of the customer.


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